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I’m currently on an extended pilgrimage throughout Europe; attending retreats, staying with friends and colleagues, visiting sacred sites and people, and deepening my connections to, and workings with, Spirit.

You can still reach me for consultations and engagements, and I’m happy to work with you whilst on the road, as time and conditions permit.







I’m an ordained Rinzai Zen priest with nine years of practice at a monastery, during which time I received inka. I have almost twenty years of martial art practice, with yudansha ranking in Aikido and Kyudo. I’ve spent over thirty years in humanistic and body therapies. Sacredness is practiced in all areas of my life, including sexuality. I catch swarms, re-home bees, spin wool and flax, knit things, engage in traditional shamanic practices including meditation, impeccable listening, ecstatic dance, and yoga.