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A Magical Surprise

Model 2: Shiva

On Tuesday I received an e-notice from the local library notifying me that a book I had requested was ready to be picked up. I was excited, and looked forward to reading a book on permaculture by Bill Mollison. Imagine my surprise when the book I picked up was definitely not something I’d requested.

Erin Morgenstern, an author I’ve never heard of, has written a deliciously mysterious and magical novel entitled, “The Night Circus.” While I am truly baffled as to how it came my way, after already reading a third of the book in less than a day, I have no doubt as to why.

Model 3: Yuki

Endless possibility permeates our every moment, and yet I’m constantly reminded of the ways in which, despite my knowing better, I restrict myself and others. Perhaps the fact that my reminders are nearly constant is a good sign, meaning that I’m making progress in allowing the divide between ‘what-is’ and ‘what-if’ to narrow considerably.

The most recent way in which I find myself playing with this creative edge is by not talking so much. Those that know me well can attest to the fact that this isn’t easy. One of the first admonitions given to my by my teacher at the dojo was to, in unceremonious words, shut up. It’s taken about fifteen years for this to really sink in, and of late I find myself remaining quiet in conversations, not jumping in with answers, suggestions, or comments. Something is beginning to unfold, and I like it.

The instigator: Shushu

Two years ago my current teacher admonished me to ‘just do my work.’ I was at a complete loss as to what she meant, and journeyed, puzzled and gnawed at it until it sank deep within, a feminine koan from the land of the bees.

This past week, during a phone conversation with a fellow sojourner, the answer suddenly appeared, and as always happens with this sort of thing, it’s so clear and true I’m astounded I didn’t see it before. But I didn’t, probably couldn’t, yet now do. It’s not so different from what I’ve been trying to accomplish for years, but found myself blocked and thwarted at every turn. Now, my very first foray into inquiring for available space was met with a cheerful ‘We’re interested, tell us more!”

Timing and conditions; each is vitally important, and I’m reminded once again that until the apricot is ripe, it doesn’t fall from the branch.

Oh, you’re wondering about the cat pictures, aren’t you? A few months ago I was out in the yard and saw Shushu perched on the top of one of the Balinese Rice Field Guardians. It was so cute I ran to get the camera, and she stayed put long enough for me to take a photo. As soon as I was done, she hopped down, and to my surprise, Shiva jumped up and struck her own unique pose. So I took another photo. To my endless delight, she immediately jumped down and a patient Yuki took her place. In accordance with the apparent wishes of the feline contingent, I also snapped a shot of him after which he immediately leaped away.

I found this interchange magical, proof that we live in a truly wondrous environment with other creatures, where non-verbal communication is constantly taking place if we choose to pay attention. I can’t imagine what they thought or felt, but it was clearly apparent that the four of us were engaged together in something that was clearly good fun!



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