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A Moveable Feast

Rochester’s Story Shop: Myth and Magic in Oxford

Adding another twist to this beautiful concept, I am now in the midst of a year long pilgrimage away from my home in Hawaii. Currently I am situated in the outstanding town of Oxford, in England, where I interestingly enough found relics of Oceania and Hawaii, not to mention every other part of the world, in the eerily mysterious Pitt Rivers Museum. My days are filled walking the centuries old streets, slipping down alleys, peering into the walled gardens and courtyards of historical colleges such as Trinity, Balliol, and Christ Church. Shades of Alice can be found everywhere, from the original Sheep Shop of Tenniel’s illustrations to Mad Hatter tea parties.

But whilst those are interesting diversions, they are not the primary focus of this trip across the ocean. As ever in our work as healers, we must go deeper, and it was time for me to explore being open to vulnerability whilst walking in strength. Because I was already booked into a retreat at the Sacred Trust for my continuing work within the Path of Pollen Tradition, the timing was right for a change of venue. A generous offer from a friend prompted a radical decision, and within a few months I had divested myself of almost all possessions, rented out my house, and purchased a one-way ticket to the UK. As I’ve moved through the seven weeks since leaving, I’ve learned that the  traditional purpose of a pilgrimage is to have the outer journey reflect the inner one. So this is where I find myself; each day truly a gift; meeting and staying with new people; dismantling old patterns and welcoming in fresh ways of being; staying open to unexplored possibilities; and seeing from afar the absolute beauty of my family and friends who support me in my quests.

I am still available for working remotely whilst traveling via Skype, and if I happen to be close to you, we can meet in person. From the 11th of April to the 6th of May I’ll be in Union Hall, near to Cork, Ireland. For the months of June and July I’ll be in the northern reaches of Finland engaged in shamanic bee and drum-birthing work with Christiana Harle. After that I’ll post my particulars as they emerge.



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