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“Daien Forrest is a talented and skilled intuitive healer. She has the discipline of extensive practice in Zen meditation, and her innate intuition is schooled in shamanism, body work, and psychology. For anyone seeking healing self-awareness with an intense and active guide, I strongly recommend Daien.”
Rene S. Tillich, Ph.D. – King Kalakaua Center for Humanistic Psychotherapy, Honolulu, HI

“I’ve been receiving bodywork from Daien for a few months now and I’ve really enjoyed the openings that are happening as a result. I love the way she gently encourages me to reside in my breath during intense moments of release. These intense openings are balanced perfectly with moments of deep relaxation. She has the ability to intuitively and logically figure out how to address some of my chronic problem areas by going to the root of the issue instead of just focusing on the place where I’m feeling it. This has helped me to move around in this body in a more balanced and healthy way. I’m so grateful for this work and recommend it to anyone!”
Skya Boudousquie – Wellness Coach & Personal Chef, Kailua, HI

“Working with Daien over the last year has dramatically improved my mental and physical health. Each session has been unique and each session has explored different areas of my body, my mind and my soul. She has helped me to open up more to myself and to the world around me in this short period of time and I am excited about the growth to come. If you let your guard down, and you are honest with yourself and Daien about what you are dealing with you will leave each session feeling lighter, happier and more in-tune with yourself. Everyone can benefit from working with Daien. She is incredibly gifted and will change your life for the better. So go for it!”
Nicholas J. Paulic – Kaneohe, HI

“You would be in the most perfect company on your journey to you. The safest adventure to the sacredness of your own self. You are in safe hands…. Bee Blessed…”
Rose Mummery – Shamanic Practitioner, West Cork, Ireland

“Daien’s bodywork is truly amazing! Daien has a gift for knowing exactly what your body needs at any moment. She understands the way the body holds onto emotions, and how unleashing those holds can lead to emotional and spiritual breakthroughs. She knows how to take you to your edge, challenging you to reach inside of yourself while simultaneously finding comfort in knowing that you are safely held throughout your journey. Most importantly, she truly listens to your words and the energy surrounding them. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”
Annisa Paulic – Kaneohe, HI

“Daien is everything she says and extraordinarily good at it; skillful, talented, perceptive, intuitive, brilliant, empathetic, insightful, demanding, rigorously honest, and absolutely no bullshit. She’ll work as hard for you as she’ll ask you to work for yourself. Her repertoire of skillful means and imaginativeness in dealing with different situations is really awe-inspiring. She is relentlessly compassionate. If you are seriously committed to changing your life, and the lives of the people around you, for the better, she has a lot to offer.”
Justin Schwartz – Associate Professor of Law, Chicago, IL

“I have experienced Daien’s evolutionary growth in her body integration work. Her intuition for relieving physical issues is impeccable, as both physical and emotional “knots” are cleared. I’ve also assisted her with moving bees and have gained insight into their world, learning how their work affects us all. It’s been an educational experience to accept both honey and stings with patience and gratitude. If you’d like to enhance your quality of life, I recommend Daien’s work to discover both sweetness and light. An experience beyond words.

Daijo Kaneshiro – Information Specialist, Honolulu, HI