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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

I’ll admit, this has been an incredibly interesting year, not all of it good, not all of it easy. It has been magical, transformative, enlightening, and unpredictable. And so it goes.

There are a few people I want to thank for their being and doing these past twelve months. Naturally I’m going to forget someone special and look forward to remembering and then mentioning it anew.

To my children, Aja and Alia, endless gratitude for all the lessons and unconditional love you continue to shower me with. To Daijo, for being an exemplary human being, and a generous, supportive, and wonderful ex-husband and father to our children. To Trish, Chris, and Ginny for being incredibly creative, supportive, fun and gifted at being beautiful women and dear steadfast friends. For my Path of Pollen Teachers and Sisters around the world, you’ve given me in reality the unmentionable magic I’ve dreamed of since I was a child, there are no words for the depth of my gratitude to you all. To my amazing and brave clients, who fuel my passion and make everything worth the cost. To Rene, for believing in me.

And today, I wish to especially thank Kelly and Lloyd for springing the most wondrous surprise new year’s gift of all. Driving up with hearts and hands full of biodynamic cleansing, blessings, organic produce, and rooting out, I was blown away! My yard has been transformed and seeded with nutritional magic for all the elemental spirits and sprites! Weeds have been pulled, trees trimmed, rubbish moved, faeries sung to and fed, and a plan of action engaged in for the coming year. I was brought to tears by their generosity and cheerful gifts of vision and love.

There are so many more people to thank, and I’ll do that little by little over the coming days. For now, wishing everyone a safe and delightful cusp as we enter a new realm of existence. I can taste it on the wind . . . love incarnate . . .



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