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Bodywork, Yoga & Zen Shamanism


This is a basic listing of services and cost. Other negotiated terms and contracts are available by discussion. 
Individual Bodywork Session

During the 20 years that I’ve been offering bodywork, there has been much growth and transformation in the scope and methodology of my work. Originally trained in Zen Bodytherapy and Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy, which rely heavily on utilizing a regular meditation practice as part of the effectiveness of the work, I’m also trained in Integral Bodywork, various massage modalities, and am sweetly informed by my ongoing Path of Pollen practices, as well as daily meditation. These days my work proceeds through a deep surrender to grace and intuition, and clients report immediate shifts in both consciousness and body mechanics. This work is deep on all levels, and each client is met where they’re at, and moves at a pace that is both comfortable, as well as just the right amount of uncomfortable. We find your edge and then work there in a space of trust, love, and compassion. You won’t be disappointed. Sessions are 75 minutes in length, however, allow for one and one half hours.


$5 – $80.00
Yoga: Public Classes &  Private Sessions

I currently teach Restorative Yoga at Aloha Yoga Kula, 4-5:30pm Fridays. $10 per class.

You can also catch me teaching at the Kailua Town Farmers Market, 315 Kuulei Road, Kailua, HI 96734 on occasional Sundays: 9-10:00am. See here for a current schedule of teachers, then click on the link for Sunday Market teachers. $5 per class, please bring your own mat.

Additionally I am available for private yoga sessions upon request. $100 per session.


Deep Commitment

For those clients who desire to engage in a committed endeavor to truly effect change in themselves and their life, I will encourage you to contract for a three-month minimum duration. Whilst the exact terms and activities are negotiated on an individual basis, there are three components that are core to this program in order to insure your success: meditation, counseling, and creativity. Before you become intimidated by how this might sound, every client is met exactly where they’re at and guided to success. While you will undoubtedly travel to uncomfortable places on your journey to freedom, you won’t be alone. I am here to hold your hand every step of the way.

During this time of our working intently together, we meet in person once a week for at least two hours. You are welcome to call or email at any time with any concern surrounding our work together, or regarding other significant events in your life. There are a number of key components that I will introduce to you as means to ensure supported change in your behavior, leading to you achieving your goals. We will always stay in close contact as you proceed upon your journey.

Payable at the beginning of each month, contracts may be for any length of time with a three-month minimum.